Variations 6
Published On: January 7, 2023

Yup, yup I continue to be easily amused. ⁠Fairly sure it would be appropriate to carve ‘easily amused’ on my tombstone when the time comes. There are worse ways to be.⁠

This (colorful picture) is star E from the book made with slightly wider paper, with the bottom point folded up so that it extends well past the top point, and following the widest lines on the assembly guide. The white picture shows the original from the book (no, really, I promise it does, even though they look quite different, that’s sort of the point of this whole exercise).⁠

And yup, yup I am toying with the idea of seeing if I can find some way to import A Whole Whackpile of the paper in these softer colors and do kits of it for next year’s star book (because yeah, yeah there’s probably going to be one next year, because I really do love making these and it turns out some of you do too). But *that* is a work project and *this* is just me folding through the original stars in the new paper because it was a cold and dreary winter afternoon and folding these helps me feel less grim and so I did and I’ve been inflicting them on you ever since, and work will wait till next week.⁠

I remain imaginary (I’m mostly offline until January 9), but there’s info about the book here.

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