Holey, part 4
Published On: January 9, 2023

Ok see, I told you it gets better if you keep going!⁠

The trick really is to just keep at it. One looks lonely, two or three look kinda sad. But once you start to get a whole bunch of them all hanging out together, they get cuter and cuter. Though I’m not done yet, I want to add a few more in there still.⁠

These are dead easy to do, and good for covering lots of ground quickly, so they’re one of my favorites for covering up holes/stains/evidence of past crimes.⁠

Should you have some unfathomable urge to watch me make a few and talk about what I’m doing, you can do that on patreon!⁠ Though really, I rather suspect you can figure them out all on your own!

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