Variations 8
Published On: January 9, 2023

Last one! Thank you all for indulging me while I played with my new toy. I realize it may well have had that ‘small child asks you if you’d like to meet their favorite stuffed animals’ vibe. ⁠

This is star F from the book with fold 6 nudged out so it doesn’t quite meet the midline, the bottom point folded up at a slightly different spot, and assembled following the widest lines on the assembly guide. The white picture shows the original from the book.⁠

And with that, the obsession’s grip has slightly loosened. I’ll *probably* be able to contain myself and not inflict my absurd enthusiasms on you again (you know, until the days start feeling short again in the fall).⁠

I’ll (probably, you know, assuming I remember) do one more post about the stars before the book goes away at the end of this month, but other than that, it’s time to get back to some more yarn-based pursuits! ⁠

I remain imaginary (I’m mostly offline until January 9), but there’s info about the book here.

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