Quite Enough Already
Published On: January 29, 2023

Should we add this in to the embroidery project? I can’t quite decide, so you folks get to make up my mind for me…

I thought I was done playing with variations of the lovely stitch. I really did. But then I found One More Thing to play with. Because that’s what happens to my brain when it’s left unsupervised.⁠

Now, full disclosure, I really should just stop. The spiffy little thing I’ve put together to explore this stitch already has versions for two, four, and six colors, each in two different spacings, plus an offset version of each. It’s clocking in at more than 150 pages. It’s Quite Enough Already Thank You Very Much.⁠

But wow is this rather splendid. And really not hard to do. And I like it. And I suspect some of you will too.⁠

So here’s what we’ll do. If I we hit the membership goal I set up by the time the project comes out (which will be either Feb 14 or Feb 21 depending on Life Stuff), I’ll include this as a little extra. If not, no worries (see above re the whole Quite Enough Already issue). ⁠Head over that way if you want to see how close we are. Or, if you want to encourage me to display some restraint in the face of temptation, avoid heading that way. It’s up to you!


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