Last call!
Published On: January 28, 2023

On Tuesday, February 1, I’m going to get up, have a cup of tea, sit down at my computer, and take the star book down. Patrons at the Utter Nonsense and Rampant Nonsense levels have until then to download it for free as part of their membership. ⁠

I may bring it back and put it up for sale somewhere when the days start getting short again in the fall. But the days are finally starting to feel longer and the sun is starting to feel brighter, and that makes me feel like it’s time to put them away for the season.⁠

They always bring me such joy, and I’ve been absolutely delighted to share them with so many of you. I hope they helped at least a few of you make it through the short days and dark nights. Thank you for letting me share this odd little obsession of mine with you!

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