Published On: February 11, 2023

Look, sometimes you just want to show off. To do something solely because you can. To pull off a faintly ridiculous stunt.

And let’s be fair, that’s absolutely what’s going on here. Working this with six colors is…eclectic at best, possibly even distastefully excessive.

But sometimes? Sometimes you just need to embrace excess. And if you can manage to keep your inclination to excess under control with nothing more than a few scraps of yarn, well, that’s not too terribly harmful in the grand scheme of things.

Count yourselves lucky. You actually can work this with any even number of strands, and my weird little brain decided it wouldn’t be happy until I figured out how to do just that. But good sense stepped in and dictated I shut up and sit down after six.

Though there are a few more things to explore before we’re done.

As always, Utter Nonsense and Rampant Nonsense folks will get these little explorations as they come out. This particular diversion will be out later this month, just as soon as I can make myself stop adding things to it!

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