You decide
Published On: February 13, 2023

Seeing as how restraint isn’t my strong suit, I need you folks to decide if the wrapped variation finds its way into the embroidery project.⁠

If we hit the goal I set up by the time it comes out, I’ll put it in. If we don’t no big deal, there’s plenty of other stuff in there (no really, I truly don’t think anyone will feel slighted, there’s a mountain of stuff in there, this is just something I couldn’t resist playing with because I’m hopeless in the face of temptation).⁠

Head over here to see how close we are (last time I looked, we were about 95% of the way there, which is Awfully Damn Close, so I have decided not to look for a few days so I don’t get fretful).⁠

The embroidery project should be out February 21 (you know, barring catastrophes, but that’s the plan and all the pieces are ready to go on this end)! ⁠So if we hit that goal by February 20, I’ll include it. If not, I won’t. Because clearly I need someone other than me to be in charge of knowing when to stop!⁠

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