Half a step back
Published On: February 22, 2023

I’m not precisely sure why, but I sort of love showing you what the photo shoots look like when you take even half a step back from the perfectly primped bits that ends up in the final photos.⁠

Maybe it’s because so very very much of my life is so very very far from perfect? And because the pressure to hide all that barely controlled chaos and only ever let the presentable bits see the light of day gets to be a bit much after a while? Whatever it is, you folks seem to like it too!⁠

So here’s the pretty version, sampler folded just so, tidy little balls of yarn in a gorgeous little basket, swirly bits of the plant I’m propagating (whose leaves just happen to be perfectly purple underneath to go with the yarn) arranged just so, all hanging out on top of an old steamer trunk. Because I mean sure, that’s normal and realistic and what life usually looks like, right?

And here’s a step back. Trunk dragged down from over the garage. Side table put to use holding the trunk up high enough to work with. Dining room table chair pressed into service to kneel on as I get the pics. Windows full of reflectors to manage the light. Water bottle at the ready (and mug of half drunk tea going cold just out of frame). Sweater hurled off and crumpled on the chair because I got too hot for it because taking photos is surprisingly physical every damn time. General disruption abounds, but it’s a lot more what real life looks like. ⁠

Though if you come in close, the lovely bits are all still there. You just have to look a little harder.⁠

The project these photos were for is out now, should you wish to spend some time making something in your own life lovely, despite the swirling chaos that surrounds us all.

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