Just about here
Published On: March 12, 2023

So it doesn’t precisely feel like it just yet (we’ve gotten more snow in March than we did in December), but the days are getting longer and spring is just about here. Which seemed like a fabulous excuse to bring these little guys back.

They will (as always, barring any catastrophes) be back Tuesday!

If you need a copy for yourself, you know what to do.

And if you want to help someone else get a copy, you can donate to the Community Supported Pattern fund. We’ve talked about this before, but the idea is that folks with a little extra room in their budget help cover the cost of patterns for folks who don’t have the budget for little indulgences at the moment. You pick how much you want to contribute, and all the contributions go towards free copies of the pattern for folks who could use them (I always make some available myself, but having other folks donate too lets me give more copies away).

More info on how to either access the Community Supported Patterns or contribute to them is right over here!

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