Not the worst reason
Published On: April 3, 2023

I mean yes, the quail eggs I found for sale on the side of the road are at least partially responsible for deciding to bring this back out. But really, that is not the worst or the strangest reason I’ve ever done something like this. So I can’t bring myself to fret too much…

(Standard disclaimers go here…do not mess with real birds’ nests or with wild birds’ eggs. One, because that’s mean to the birds, don’t be mean. Two, because there are all sorts of excitingly nasty diseases you can get from birds and no one needs that, especially after the last three years. Three, because there are a staggering number of laws against messing with or owning bird stuff, and that would be a really staggeringly stupid reason to go to jail. These are quail eggs from a farm, sold to be eaten. And the green stuff is lichen that blew down after the last storm, collected from my yard, used for a picture, then returned to the yard. Don’t do dodgy things, and please for the love of yarn do not come around telling me I’ve done something dodgy when I’ve actually made a point to be pretty careful on this one, mkay?)

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