Published On: April 4, 2023

Yeah, yeah I know. This looks ridiculous. I’m not suggesting you walk around with this on your hat! But I did want to show just how much of a difference it can make if you work with different materials.

From left to right these are:⁠

– the same yarn the hat’s knit in, just in a different color (that’s Little Skein Anne’s awesome harvest sport base)⁠

– silk embroidery floss, held double⁠

– fluffy silk and mohair laceweight, held double⁠

– one strand of silk embroidery floss and one strand of the fluffy laceweight⁠

They all work (and all look darn nifty if I do say so myself), but it can be fun to experiment and see which you like best! ⁠

For more on duplicate stitch in general and this hat in particular, wander over here!

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