Published On: April 5, 2023

These started life as a personal project. For you see, I am a board game person. And not just a board game person, but one of those people whose enjoyment of a board game is substantially increased if the various bits and pieces of the game are…cute.


So it was only natural that I knit myself a little nest to hold the egg-shaped tokens in one of my favorite games (someone is about to ask, it’s called Wingspan and it’s great).

But it turns out rather a lot of you share my peculiar predilections (for both board games and absurd knits) and kinda liked the silly little nest. But I couldn’t in good conscience do just the nest by itself. So naturally I decided to add in some eggs (because somehow that makes it better?).

So here we are. A little nest, complete with drawstring ready to turn it into a pouch for game pieces or candy or whatever else you find amusing, and some eggs to go with it (you can see the eggs in yesterday’s post).

Because sometimes these things happen. It’s better not to fight it.

The pattern is called Hatched, it’s on both ravelry and payhip, and the code CANDY COATED will take 10% off for the next day or two. You know…on the off chance you wish to join me in my ongoing absurdities.

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