Published On: April 13, 2023

Yeah…so…this is what happens when my brain says ‘I mean, it should be *possible* do three color brioche, right?’ ⁠

You’ll note my brain did not say ‘it will be easy to do three color brioche’ (it was not). ⁠

Nor did it say ‘it will be fun to do three color brioche’ (nope, not at all, it was very swear inducing).⁠

Nor did it say ‘it will be pretty to do three color brioche’ (it is not currently super pretty, but it could be with some more persuasion).⁠

But it is…possible.⁠

Which means I might play with it more later. Some day. After I’ve recovered. And learned some new swear words. Maybe. Possibly.

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