The Better Alternative
Published On: April 14, 2023

I’ve figured out how we can bring back some old friends! Read on for details.⁠

As a quick reminder, last summer I took down all my patterns.⁠

I did this in part because I’d gotten better at writing patterns over the years and wasn’t happy with the earlier patterns. (Side note, this used to really bug me! Why wasn’t I perfect from the beginning? How dare I get better over time? Somewhere along the way I got comfortable saying ‘you get better at things with practice, it’d be weird if you didn’t, don’t waste time being mean to yourself about getting better at stuff.’)⁠ And in part because the admin work of managing a big back catalog was overwhelming. (Second side note, a lot of that work was dealing with the tiny handful of folks who asked for deeply unreasonable things and feeling bad about saying no to unreasonable requests. Somewhere along the way, I got better at that too!)⁠

Over the last few months, I’ve brought some of my favorites back. But a lot favorites were in sets, and I hadn’t quite decided how to handle those.⁠

For you see, the way I used to do sets (with each piece available individually or the whole set available at a discount) was the source of both a lot of that admin work and most of those unreasonable requests.⁠

So I will not be doing that!⁠

But, after a lot of thought, I’ve decided that I can bring some of the sets back as single products (that is, one listing that contains all the patterns in the set).⁠

Now I’ve been doing this long enough to know that someone, somewhere, will be Very Mad that they won’t be able to get just one single pattern. Some of them will even email me about it.

But the alternative is that no one can the patterns at all. And it seems silly to pick a worse alternative out of concern that someone, somewhere might maybe be mad and might maybe send a snarky email. Because really, I can handle that.

So, keep an eye out over the next few weeks for some returning favorites. They’ll be available in a different format than before (as always, I’ll take care of folks who had earlier versions of the patterns, don’t fret). But they’re too good to keep locked away, and this is how we get them back out in the world!

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