Order abortion pills online
Published On: April 17, 2023

Today seems like a great day to order some abortion pills online to have on hand in case you need them later. While you still can.

I did it last year. I’m doing it again right now. And I wanted to talk you through it, because it can feel a little scary.

This is a companion blog post to this instagram post (because you can’t have a bunch of links on an instagram post, and because time limits on videos over there can make it hard to read everything on screenshots as they go by).

So, to order abortion pills, go to aidaccess.org and click on the Abortion Pill Consultation button (screenshots below, but things may look a little different for you depending on your device/browser).

The website will ask where you’re having the pills sent (some states can use US pharmacies in which case the pills take 2-5 days in the mail once the prescription is filled, some have to use overseas pharmacies in which case the pills take 1-3 weeks in the mail once the prescription is filled, which is one reason it’s great to have them on hand ahead of time).

Then it will ask if you’re pregnant now or are ordering these to have on hand later in case you need them.

Then it will go through a few medical questions, ask for your contact information, and have you read some patient information about how to take the pills and what to expect when you do.

Once you fill that out, it will send you an email with next steps (if you need to, you can totally make a special email address just for this so it doesn’t come to your regular email address). Here’s what mine looked like):

Reply with the information they ask for and they’ll get back to you in a few days. They prioritize people who are currently pregnant, and they’re super busy right now, so I haven’t heard back yet from the ones I ordered this weekend. But here’s what the response I got last year looked like:

Follow the instructions in that email to pay (or let them know if you can’t pay and they will help you). And in a little while, your pills will show up in the mail.

Store them in a cool, dry place out of direct light and they’ll last for several years. Just in case. Because who knows if they’ll be available if you never need them.

For more information, check out Aid Access, Mayday Health, the Repro Legal Helpline (great if you have legal questions), or the Miscarriage and Abortion Hotline (great if you have medical questions).


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