Published On: April 22, 2023

Everything is (as always barring unspeakable personal or general catastrophe) all set for these to make their reappearance early next week!

If you want to help make them available to folks who might not have room in the budget for little luxuries right now, check out the Community Supported Pattern program.

This will be the first set of patterns I’ve brought back since I took my patterns away last summer.

In the past, patterns in sets like this were generally available either individually at the regular price or together at a discount. But making that happen meant multiple pattern files, multiple pattern listings, making the discount for a set thing work across two different shop systems, each of which has different ways to set things up, and was a massive administrative hassle. And one of the main reasons I took most of my patterns down was to avoid massive administrative hassles.⁠

But I’ve found a way to bring things back that avoids the unpleasant bits! When patterns like this come back out, they will only be available as a set with both pieces. They won’t be available individually. This is the best compromise I can find. It lets me bring them back (I know a lot of you want them, they have been one of the most requested discontinued patterns), but doesn’t create an unmanageable amount of admin work for me.⁠

Now, someone somewhere is about to get mad that they won’t be able to get just one piece. And that’s fine! You can totally be mad about that if you need to! But I’m going to remain quite firm about this one. The choices are ‘they are not available at all’ or ‘they are available as a set.’ The way we used to do things doesn’t work for me, so it won’t be one of the choices. If you’re really mad about it, you can totally just pretend they’re still not available at all. But seriously, please don’t email me angry about this…if you do, I’ll probably just send a link to this post in reply.⁠

But for the rest of you? For the folks who’ve been wanting to make these and sad they were gone? Well, go start sorting through the stash, because they’ll be back soon!

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