Published On: April 23, 2023

Yup, more of the hat (the hat which you are not to get too attached to because as previously mentioned, this is a tale of woe and does not have a happy ending…yet).

This is the inside/wrong side of the fabric. And if you’d shown it to me and asked me how to make a fabric like this, I would have just sort of blinked at you and said ‘uuuuuuummmmmmmm…’ and stared for a while. Because I for sure did not expect it to do this!

But it is rather nifty…and we will talk about it more (and see the outside of it) fairly soon here!

P.S. Once again, I’m going to mention that I will not be naming the yarn, and I’m asking you not to ask about it or try to guess. Problems with the yarn are what doomed this project to failure. I have a personal rule against getting into yarn problems like that on here! I have a big enough account that that’s a shitty thing to do. (Someone is about to be all ‘but you named names when you talked about your terrible sweaters.’ So here is where I will point out that calling out a company with hundreds of employees and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for promoting an inherently shoddy product as better for the planet is a Whole Different Thing than talking about a hand dyer that had a slightly dodgy batch of yarn slip through quality control. If you think about it for a second, I bet you can tell the difference!)

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