In or out?
Published On: April 26, 2023

Far be it from me to tell you how you should wear your hat. You are much better able than I to decide if any particular day is going to be easier with the points out or points in.⁠

I find both quite charming! Points in (below) does this delightful, almost sculptural thing with curves and shadows. Points out (above) makes it clear to everyone in range that I’m ok being a bit of a weirdo (in case the neon hair didn’t do that already).⁠

Do you like one better than the other? Or will you swap them around as the mood hits?⁠

The hat (and matching mitts) are Decorum & Comportment, and they’re out on both ravelry and payhip. You can use the code TROUBLE to take 15% off through Friday.

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