Monthly Reminder
Published On: April 27, 2023

Every month I write a post saying “abortions are good!” and send a donation to Aid Access to support their work providing abortion pills to people who need them.⁠

This month I also ordered some abortion pills both to have on hand in case I ever need them and so I could show you what buying them looks like (go here for the first part of that). Buying pills is a little different than buying most things online, and I wanted to make sure no one got scared off if the process seemed a little strange, so I figured I’d just show you how it works (there’s an instagram post that goes with this if you like that instead).

To order abortion pills (even if you’re not pregnant) to have on hand if you need them later, go to Aid Access‘ site and click on Abortion Pill Consultation. They’ll ask you some questions and get your contact information then send you an email asking you to verify your answers.

If you’re not currently pregnant, it will take them a few days to get back to you. Given everything that’s going on, I wanted to get the previous post up right away, so that’s where we left things last time. But now it’s time to come back and show you the rest of the process!

After a few days (three in my case), Aid Access will send you another email with a link to pay for the pills (if you can’t afford it, tell them, they’ll still help). Once you’ve paid, send them a screenshot of your payment receipt.

A day or two later you’ll get a tracking number. Then a (super generic, very unobtrusive) package will arrive with your pills, instructions on how to take them, and information about what to do if you have questions or problems. The pills are good for several years so you can keep them on hand in case you ever need them.

Abortion is currently unavailable or severely restricted in about half the US states. There are court cases underway right now that may well restrict it even more. So it seems perfectly reasonable to do what we can to protect ourselves. While we still can.

It all feels very overwhelming, but the only thing I can think to do is give money to the folks doing the work and use the platforms where I have an audience to help spread the word about what’s going on and what resources are out there.

So that’s what I’ll do.

Every month.

I hope you’ll join me!

Check out Aid Access, Hey Jane, or Plan C Pills for info on medical abortion and how to get abortion pills, If When How for legal questions, and M + A Hotline for medical questions.

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