Published On: April 30, 2023

Ok, as promised, here’s the front side of the hat. The hat which recall you are not to get too attached to because the yarn went and did something dastardly to me.

And yeah, we’ll talk about what that was at some point!⁠

But it took it’s sweet time revealing its nefarious intentions to me (aka after I did a whole bunch of knitting and took a whole bunch of photos). And, so as not to completely waste all that time and effort, I have decided to bring you along for the whole ride.⁠

In part because I have to churn out a constant stream of content to feed the gaping maw of the social media beast! And in part because I always find it reassuring when other people have projects go a bit sideways because it makes me feel like that’s just a thing that happens sometimes (rather than feeling like I’m just spectacularly incompetent, which is sort of my default feeling when that happens if I’m not careful).

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