Old friends
Published On: May 1, 2023

So I suspect a few of you probably recognize this! It’s Constellate, which is by far my most popular hat pattern (it’s actually my second most popular pattern ever, second only to the stars).

And yes, yes its appearance on my needles is a very good sign that it will be coming back in the not too distant future!

Because here’s the thing…this hat lends itself to a couple of variations. For example, the original was just done in one color (and it looks fantastic like that), but it does something kind of magical when you work it in two colors (like really, I know it’s immodest to say so, but just look at that, it’s pretty nifty). And there’s a nifty way to work an offset version. And there’s this other thing you can do with the brim if ribbing isn’t your jam. And gosh it’s kind of sad to have a hat this cute without some matching mitts to go with it.

So if it’s going to come back (and it is!), and if I’ve spent the last year or so reorganizing my whole business structure to let me wander off and explore things like this when they present themselves (and I have!), well, I might as well run with it.

I suspect no one will mind…

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