Wrap Up
Published On: May 13, 2023

One last post to answer questions that came up as we talked about this!

1) The pattern is Constellate. It’s not currently available, but reknitting it does indeed mean I plan to bring it back! If you want to hear when I do, you know what to do.

2) I don’t know when it will be back (the yarn misadventures delayed things). My best guess is ‘when the summer is winding down and it starts to feel like knitting season again.’ Subjective I know, but also the best I answer I have.

3) Since this one is such a favorite, I’d planned to do a few Extra Bonus Things (like working it with a contrast color, which *totally* changes up how the inside looks, which is super fun on a reversible hat). But since I have to start over anyway, there’s a good chance there will be Other Extra Things.

4) As always, if you had the original, you’ll get the new version when it comes out. I go to considerable trouble to do that whenever I can (if someone else published one of my patterns it limits my options, but when I can, I do). I always have. So it’s sort of a surprise how many folks ask this? But lots do, so I feel like I have to say it explicitly.

5) This hat will go live in my coat pocket, because even if it faded, it still looks great with my hair. (This is another of those heavily edited ‘can I fix this in photoshop?’ pics. As you can see if you compare it to the last of those, one of the many reasons I don’t do a bunch of editing is because matching colors that way is hard and I’m bad at it.)

Thanks for following along with this one and helping me turn what felt like a big frustration and disappointment at first into something a bit more manageable. You’ll see more of the pattern as we get closer to its return, especially when it’s time to start showing off the bits I’ll be knitting with the new yarn!

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