Published On: May 27, 2023

Here we go, here’s a look at what that line and what it does on the crown!

Like I said, I actually sort of love it all on its own (in addition to finding it useful given all the embroidery that happens on this one). I think it does a really lovely job of sort of marking out the shape of the decreases at the top.

If I ever get around to doing a collection of different crown decreases, I could see using a technique like this to mark out one set of the decreases, just to make the structure of them easy to see (will I get around to this? who knows! I know it’s one of those things I daydream about doing, but that doesn’t always line up with what I actually have time/brainspace/energy for, but maybe…maybe some day).

In the meantime, I’m loving it here on this guy. The hat’s called Expound and it’s in all the usual places!

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