Published On: June 6, 2023

I went to Fiber Frolic! It was last minute, but the weather was perfect (translation: cold and rainy), and it’s just up the road, so I figured I’d go and see if anything grabbed me.

And apparently I’m feeling this pinky/purpley/orangey vibe right now. I am, I assure you, as surprised as anyone. But here we are.

Now, we all know I am not good at posting yarn info when I use things. There are a lot of reasons for that!

It’s in part, because I just forget and looking it up every time is a pain. In part because saying the same thing on post after post is also a pain (and tends to make the ig gods show your posts to fewer people). In part because if I list a yarn, then end up changing my mind or having a problem with a yarn, I always worry it’ll hurt someone’s feelings.

And in (VERY VERY LARGE) part because there are actually people on this very internet who will interpret ‘this swatch uses Imaginary Yarn Company’s Pretend Yarn Base’ as ‘I, Hunter Hammersen, fully endorse every product Imaginary Yarn Company has ever made and every sentiment anyone ever associated with Imaginary Yarn Company has ever expressed. I invite you, random person on the internet, to scream at me should you ever find anything anyone affiliated with Imaginary Yarn Company says/does/thinks/implies to be distasteful to you. And, should you have questions or concerns about some aspect of their products or their suitability for various things or their price point or their distribution range, you should of course contact me personally about those questions with as much detail and urgency as possible.’ Which is a rather bold reading of the text! But, alas, also one I’ve come to know is more common than you’d expect.

So generally I just blithely ignore questions about yarn. But, given that these are so lovely, and as long everybody promises not to do that thing I mentioned up there, I think we can risk it just this once.

From bottom left to top right, these are: Haute Knit Yarn’s Abigail Mohair in As You Wish and Saffron Spice, Seven Sisters Arts’ Astrid in Wild Bergamot and Zinnia, and Shirsty Cat’s BFL DK in Jewel of India and Little Plastic Castle. But shhh, you didn’t hear it from me!

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