They’re back for 3 days only!
Published On: June 13, 2023
They’re back, but not for long!
  • The retired patterns are back through Thursday June 15
  • They’re on both ravelry and payhip
  • Use the code NONSENSE for 20% off the retired patterns
  • Check your inbox first if you get mail from me (mailing list folks and patrons both got a bigger discount sent to them)

Bringing the retired patterns back for a few days is how I strike a balance between finding a huge back catalog completely overwhelming and knowing that someone somewhere just now realized their life is not complete without a knitted peach (or pine tree, or doughnut) and not wanting to deprive anyone who really wants the older patterns. Having a smaller catalog definitely makes me feel better, so I’m not going back, but this is a good compromise!⁠

There’s big post over here with more details, but I’ll do the lightning round here:⁠

  • There are a handful of patterns that didn’t come back (if you don’t see buy buttons on the one you’re looking for, that means that one is not available), but more than 200 of them did!
  • The patterns are in whatever format/layout/price they were in when last they were for sale. This is why only some patterns are available! I only brought back the ones I still feel are easy to use (even if the layout/pictures are occasionally not quite as spiffy as I aim for these days), and that means some of the early ones remain hidden.⁠
  • Patrons got a code for 40% off, plus a little something extra on top of that, and you’ll still be able to use those if you join us before the sale is over.
  • I didn’t forget about timezones! Turning the patterns on and off is a super manual process involving individually changing hundreds of pattern listings across multiple websites. I spent Monday turning them on (and this post won’t go up until they’re on) and I’ll spend Friday turning them off (and I won’t start until ‘Thursday’ is done everywhere), so “through Thursday” should be true no matter your time zone.⁠

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