And now for some options
Published On: June 21, 2023


And I’m delighted with the version I settled on and think it’s really solid and useful and all the details are thoroughly worked out! However (you knew there was going to be a however, didn’t you?)…

However while I was making that stack of them, all I could think of was ‘oooooooh, wouldn’t it be cool if insert variation here.’ So I think I shall indulge that tendency and spend the next few days making a few modified versions!

So far my plans include:

  • pages, knit pages, my god how cute will that be
  • stitch marker storage
  • magnets, there are several ways to use magnets in this (or elastic instead of tape measure to close it, or grommets, is this the day I get a grommet tool)
  • skip the top flaps and make it taller, or skip the third panel and make it wider (and maybe size that two panel version to hold gift cards)
    use two sheets of material and make it much bigger (and maybe use that bigger version to hold a sketchbook & supplies)

Now, I may not do all of those (and some of them may get combined). And some of them will likely prove not to be practical. But there are just so may ways to tweak this that I do not think I’m for sure going to find some fun ones!

So, are there any particular variations you especially want to see (either from that list or just in general)? I can’t promise I’ll do them all, but you are a clever bunch, and I bet someone out there has a fantastic idea or two! There’s a poll up on this patreon post (it’s public, anyone can see it) if you want to vote!

(Someone will wonder, so, the pattern for this is over on this post for Utter and Rampant Nonsense folks. And there’s a supply list over on this post (also public).)

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