Super smushy
Published On: June 22, 2023

Oh, oh this fabric is doing a THING. A nifty, textured, wavy, in and out, super smushy THING.

Now, there’s always a little bit of a risk with a fabric like this that won’t lay down totally flat, even after blocking. Some people are really really really bugged by it. And I fully agree that there are places where it’s not the best choice! But every now and then, it turns out to be basically perfect.

And on something like a hat (especially one like this with a nice flat band at the bottom to keep everything solidly in place), it can do amazing things. It means your hair won’t get smushed. And it makes the hat super warm, because all those slightly wavy bits make for tiny little pockets to trap warm air and hold it close to you.

And I strongly suspect this is going to do something rather spectacular when we get to the top. Wanna see?

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