Published On: June 25, 2023

Today in ‘things I didn’t know existed and then instantly bought when I found out about them’ are curtain weights. Well, let me be more specific. I knew about the long tubes of curtain weights (the ones that look like teeny tiny strings of sausages), but not about these button looking ones.

They’re about an inch and a half long, weigh about as much as three quarters, and have two nice big holes you can use to sew them on to things.

In my case, I’m sewing them on the bottoms of a couple of skirts that tend to go blowing about if left unsupervised. They came in a package of 20, and I think I’ll need 3-4 per skirt.

If my skirt had a deeper hem, I’d have kept my stitching to the inside layer of the hem (so it would be basically invisible on the front side). But these are cheap skirts with dinky little hems, so yes you can see the stitches on the front. But really, no one is going to be looking closely enough at my hem to be shocked and horrified by the black stitches on the black fabric. And if anyone starts to go in to inspect it, I can just swirl around real fast and whack them in the face with the weights to distract them.

Someone is bound to ask, so yes, I do know that skirt weights exist! But they seem to mostly be held on with adhesive, and all the reviews I read talked about them coming off pretty easily, so this seemed like a better alternative. It only took a few minutes to sew them on (about as much time as sewing on a few buttons), they made it through the wash just fine (these skirts get air dried, I think the weights would be fine in the dryer, just maybe noisy), and I think they’re going to be very useful!

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