Told ya
Published On: June 26, 2023

See, I told you the top was spiffy. Well, technically this isn’t the top, because I ripped this out and made a tiny and completely gratuitous tweak that no one but me will likely notice or care about (I decided I wanted the space between the petal looking bits to be a smidge narrower so that they would be a tiny bit closer together and lay just a little bit flatter). But the overall vibe is very much the same and I’m rather taken with it.

It’s hanging out on my headform drying right now, but you’ll likely be seeing more of it in the not too distant future.

This hat came about because I was working on a piece for one of the tiny things and did something weird and my brain said ‘ooooh, you know you could totally do that on purpose instead of by accident and it would be nifty’ and I had to check and see if I was right. And I think I was!

But I’m not sure if other folks would like it, or if this one is too weird for other people to want to play with. What do you think? I will not be heartbroken if this ends up just being my very own super secret hat that no one else knows about, but if other people are smitten and up for something a little weird, I can totally write it up…

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