Happy little surprise
Published On: July 28, 2023

Ever cleaned out your coat closet and found a nice surprise in a jacket pocket or the back compartment of that purse you never carry? Like a surprise $20 bill or the missing button you’ve been wanting to sew back on your favorite sweater or that awesome lip balm you thought you’d lost?

Yeah, I’m experiencing the knitting version of that.

I was tidying up my hard drive (Sisyphus for the modern age…) and found, um, a fully complete pattern? Like photos, charts, text, everything?

It’s cowl a pattern I contributed to a friend’s book a few years ago, and the rights came back to me a while ago. Apparently I did all the work to get it ready to release and then just…got distracted and completely forgot about it? Because that’s a thing my brain can do if left unsupervised? All it needs is a paragraph or two of intro text and an afternoon of admin work to get the pattern up in all the usual places.

So, since that was a happy little surprise for me, I figure we should maybe make it be a happy little surprise for other folks too. I was thinking I’d send it to all the people on patreon as a little treat. Because sometimes, sometimes you need a happy surprise.

Look for a post about it next week! And in the meantime, go check out your coat pockets. Maybe you’ll find a treat too!

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