Published On: August 1, 2023

Evolve is out! This is the pattern I found, in an astonishingly complete state, when I settled down to tidy up my hard drive the other day. ⁠

Since it was nice little surprise for me, I figured I should pass that happy feeling on to other folks as well. So if you’re one of those people who lets me send you email (either mailing list or patreon), go check your inbox, there’s something waiting for you there! ⁠

Patreon folks at any level (yes, including the one that’s three bucks) got the pattern for free (and yes, if you join now, you’ll totally still be able to grab it, patreon is cool like that), and mailing list folks got it at a heck of a discount (alas, if you weren’t on the list when the email went out, you’ve missed this one, but you can always join now and then you’ll get it the next time something like this happens).

Everyone else, you know how this works, it’s in all the usual places (and try using the code SURPRISE when you check out for a little treat for the next day or two). Here’s hoping everyone else finds a pleasant surprise the next time they settle in to tidy something up!

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