Brief demonstration
Published On: August 12, 2023

Ahem. A brief demonstration that I do actually have yarn that is neither floofy nor pink/orange/purple. Just in case you were worried.

This is one of Seven Sisters Arts color wheels, and I’m using it to make some mitts to go with Constellate (all of which should be out soon, likely next month-ish). This is what happens if you work most of it with one end of a gradient, but work the fancy bits with the other end.

It is also a demonstration that oh, oh yes, my stitches (especially on this pattern) are Super Duper Wobbly while I’m knitting. That’s normal. Or at the very least, it’s common and isn’t a cause for concern. They’ll totally even out when I block it at the end!

Lemme get a few more rounds done on this and then I’ll show you the gusset increases. I was taken with them in one color, and I have a sneaking suspicion they’ll be even more delightful with two.

But first, well, first it’s back to the neon floof.

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