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Published On: August 11, 2023

Tacit is all set to come back early next week! Before it does, let’s run down a couple questions and answers.

First up,  if you bought it when it was available in the past, keep an eye on your inbox, you’ll get an email with the new version just like always.

Second, if you want to contribute towards the Community Supported Pattern fund that lets me give away free copies of patterns to folks who don’t have room in the budget for little luxuries, now’s the time to do that!

Third, I made mine with about 250 yards each of two yarns held together (Astrid, a single ply from Seven Sisters Arts and Abigail, a lace-weight mohair floof party from Haute Knit Yarn).

Fourth, you absolutely do not have to work with two yarns held together! Nor do you need to get the same gauge as me. Any yarn that gives you a fabric you like at something between about 5.5 stitches per inch to 7.5 stitches per inch (over blocked 2×2 ribbing in the round) is perfect. I’ve got all those gauges covered and the pattern is in four sizes, so you should be able to use pretty much anything from fingering weight yarn up through light worsted and end up with mitts to fit most anyone.

Finally, also as always, folks on the Rampant Nonsense tier on Patreon will have this just show up in their inbox when it comes out (and folks on other tiers or on the mailing list will get an email with a little something extra).

But if you’re all set on that front, then just sit tight (or go work up a couple of swatches in 2×2 ribbing), because these are just about here!

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