Published On: August 15, 2023

Tacit is back! It’s out in all the usual places (ravelry, payhip), and you can use the code ZIGZAG for a little something off for the first few days it’s out.

But before you use that, go check your email. If you had an earlier version of this pattern (and it was by far my best selling mitt pattern, so I know a bunch of you do…), you’ll have the new one there waiting for you. Rampant Nonsense patrons will find it in their inboxes too. And of course anyone else who lets me send them email when stuff comes out will find a little something waiting for them as well!

And I have to confess, I’m unreasonably pleased to have these back out! I always loved them (They Are Just So Very Very Tidy). But I didn’t have the originals anymore, so bringing them back out meant I needed more photos. Which meant knitting them again. And for a while there? Well for a while there that just felt hard. Because a lot of things feel hard these days if I’m being honest.

But somehow the yarn haul I brought home from the Fiber Frolic this year inspired me. And once I got started, they absolutely flew. Of course then I found myself needing to make a hat to match…and then another hat. But that’s for later!

For right now? Well for right now, all the folks who have been sad this one was tucked away can go get it on their needles. I hope you enjoy them every bit as much as I did!

Links to the pattern are right over here, and the code ZIGZAG will take a little something off through the end of the day Friday!

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