You’ve got options
Published On: August 16, 2023

Ok, let’s talk about yarn for these. Because you’ve got options!

I went with a fingering-weight single ply yarn (astrid from Seven Sisters Arts) held double with a bit of floofy mohair laceweight (abigail from HauteKnitYarn). I did that both because it’s a gorgeous combo (and every bit as traffic cone bright in real life, seriously, it glows) and because I wanted to work at a fairly loose gauge. The mohair does a marvelous job of bulking up whatever it’s held alongside, which lets you work at a loser gauge (fewer stitches per inch) but still get a solid feeling fabric.

That’s great if you want to be done quickly (fewer stitches per inch = fewer stitches in your project = faster)! And I love doing that for things I’ll wear when it’s cold, because all that mohair halo holds in little pockets of warm air around you. So you get a finished piece that’s quick to knit and light to wear, but that still keeps you every bit as warm as something in a much heavier/more tightly knit yarn. Which always feels like getting away with something sneaky.

But you can absolutely do this just with one yarn, and you can use anything from fingering weight up through worsted. The original pair from the first time the pattern came out were made in sock yarn, and they were lovely, and I’ve seen them in lots of other weights over the years to good effect.

You’ll want somewhere in that 200-300 yard range (less for thicker yarns/smaller sizes/shorter wrists, more for thinner yarns/bigger sizes/longer wrists), which means one skein is plenty and you can possibly even manage it with a sizeable leftover from another project.

Though of course, if you suspect you’ll find yourself wanting to make the matching hat in a week or two, you may want to keep that in mind as you find the yarn for these. Because absolutely delightful matching accessory sets are half the fun of being a knitter, and I know some of you will want a hat to match!

For anyone wandering, the pattern is Tacit, it’s just back out this week, and you can use the code ZIGZAG through Friday for a little something off!


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