Check in
Published On: August 20, 2023

Are we going to quietly sneak over and check in on these in amongst all the floof? Yup. Yup we are.

Are we going to find ourselves hopelessly smitten with them? Well I mean I guess I can’t speak for you, but I know they’re totally doing it for me!

And once again, I emphasize that It’s Normal For Things To Look A Bit Wonky Before They’re Blocked. The magic of blocking is that it evens out the wonky bits! That’s especially true here where you’re using two different yarns. Well, I mean ok, technically two ends of the same yarn, but functionally it’s two yarns, and technically that’s colorwork. And colorwork in particular benefits from a good block to smooth things out at the end.

So I’m going against my natural inclination and showing it off in its current wobbly state. In part to try and get over that ‘if it’s not perfect, you will implode in a ball of shame if someone else sees it, so hide hide hide’ thing, and in part to emphasize that this is normal and to try and sweet talk you into not fretting too much if you notice your own stuff being wobbly in the middle.

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