Indulge me
Published On: August 21, 2023

Indulge me for just a moment and let me show you the inside of these… And look, I’m not going to pretend I don’t like the outside better. I absolutely do like the outside better! But that’s because the outside is kinda spectacular, even if it is scandalously immodest to say so.

But the inside is awfully nifty. Mostly in a ‘wait, how does that *work*…like how did you actually *do* that’ kind of way. But my brain seems to actually really like chewing on ‘how does that work,’ and I figure some of you are wired that way too, so I wanted to show it to you.

The wild thing is how completely different the inside looks if you’re using two yarns vs one yarn (which yes, I will get a picture at some point, though clearly not today). I was actually shocked when I peeked inside as I was working.

I swear I pretty much love everything about these…

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