Mix and match
Published On: August 22, 2023

Ok, back to the floof for a second. We did this a little while ago when it was just the mitts and the more eye-searingly pink hat, but it’s cool enough I wanted to run it down one more time now that we have a third option in there.

All three of these pieces of knitting are made with the same single ply yarn (Seven Sisters Arts’ Astrid in the color Zinnia, that’s it down front there). And then that single ply yarn is held double with a bit of magnificent floof (HauteKnitYarn Abigail in Saffron Spice for the orange and As you wish for the bright pink, Seven Sisters Arts Celaeno in Beltran for the darker pink).

And I swear they look like three totally different yarns! But somehow they all still also sort of look like they go together, which I absolutely love.

Mixing and matching like this feels like it gives you a whole extra way to play with your stash (part of the reason I did it this way is because I had some leftover bits and bobs of yarn and wanted to use them but didn’t have enough of any one thing to make all three pieces), and I highly recommend you play around with combining things if the urge strikes.

I mean you don’t have to, you can absolutely knit these with just one yarn! But also this kinda feels like magic, and why not seize that whenever you can.

(Someone will ask, so the orange is Tacit, the mitts that came out last week, and the pink are the hats that are coming out next week, and you can.)

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