Which one?
Published On: September 13, 2023

Ok important questions here folks…single color or contrast color, which one is your favorite?

I mean yes, picking a favorite feels like a crime, so perhaps it’s better to say which one do you want to make first. Because really, doing just one may prove surprisingly difficult!

The pattern is Constellate and it’s up in all the usual places. The matching mitts will be coming soon. And there might sort of accidentally be another version of the hat headed out to folks on that other place here in the very near future.

And it looks like you folks bought up pretty much all of the amazing Seven Sisters Arts color wheels I used for these already. But I heard a rumor she’s going to dye up extra for us, so go check that out if you’re so inclined! (One is plenty for the hat, you’ll want two if you want to do the hat and mitts to match.)

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