Constellate (bonus version)
Published On: September 19, 2023

If you’ve been here for any time at all, you know I’m bad at restraint. I prefer exuberance and exploration and experimentation. I adore having time to play around and see where my whims take me. Which is how we ended up with this hat!

I took Constellate, and the gorgeous little stitch it uses, and said ‘huh, I wonder what would happen if…’ Before I knew it, I had a very different version of the hat in my hands. And, since my lovely patrons are the ones who make it possible for me to spend time exploring things like this, it seems only fair that they get the patterns that happen as a result!

So now the spiffy patreon only bonus version of Constellate is out, and patrons at the Utter Nonsense or Rampant Nonsense levels can download it as part of their membership.  It’s not available for sale anywhere (and won’t be until at least next year), so being a patron is the only way to get it (though of course you’ll be able to put a copy in your ravelry library if that’s how you like to keep track of your patterns).

If you find yourself wanting to recreate my experiment, or you just want to see what else happens if I’m left unsupervised to wander off and explore whatever catches my attention, come join us! I bet we’ll get up to something fun…

Just for an abundance of clarity, while the new version of Constellate is only for patrons, you can find the original version of Constellate on either ravelry or payhip (you can see the original in a couple of the pictures, it’s the one with the folded brim and the single color of yarn).

And because I know at least a few of you have now fallen madly in love with the yarn I used on these, it’s Seven Sisters Arts color wheels. They’re magic, they’re only available occasionally, and they have a habit of selling out quickly. But Karen is doing an extra batch of them for us, so if you simply must have some, now’s your chance!

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