Published On: September 20, 2023

Ok, let’s walk through the differences on these (video version over on insta if you want to see me flop things about)!

On the original Constellate, our little bit of fancy business is all stacked up nice and neat in columns and set against a ribbed background. And on the variation, that same little bit of fancy business is instead offset and set against a stockinette background.  The ribbed background on the original lends itself to a folded brim, and the stockinette background to a rolled brim.

You can work either one with either one color straight through or with the fancy bits done in a contrast color. In the pictures here, the original is worked in one color, and the variation is worked with a contrast color (they’re both long slow color change gradients from Seven Sisters Arts, so I mean technically neither of them is just one color, but you see what I mean about how one is worked straight through and one is worked with the fancy bits done in contrast).

You can grab the original now in all the usual places, should you be so inclined. The variation is just for patrons (because they’re the ones who make it possible for me to have time to play with things like this) through the end of the year. (It most likely won’t ever be a stand alone pattern, though it may show up in some form or another eventually.)


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