Slightly more sedate
Published On: September 23, 2023

Oh oh oh! I fiiiiinally found a cork fabric that makes a version of the needle books I like!

I know not everyone is quite as enamored of the sparkle pony glitter plastic as I am (though really, I also know damn well I’m not the only one who loves it). But all of the other things I’d found had been disappointing in some way, and all the other cork fabric I’d found tended to flake and crack when you folded it. But I was at my local fabric shop with a friend, and she spotted this, and it just…behaves itself. It’s grand!

So I spent last Saturday sewing up one of each of the shapes in this while I watched the hurricane blow down the last of my tomato plants, and I spent some time the other day knitting the page for one of them and getting that sewn in. And now I’ll have both a glitter extravaganza version and a more sedate version to take photos of next week!

The company is Sallie Tomato Patterns (they have lots of other colors and several other fabrics that look promising), and I sort of secretly long for that Starry Night one (the fabric store where I found mine only had two or three colors). But I Am Not Going To Buy More Stuff For This No No No Put Down The Credit Card And Get The Pattern Out Dammit. But I figured I could certainly share it with you folks in case you want to grab some in advance of the pattern!

Though we all know the sparkle pony glitter explosion will always have my heart…

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