Better or worse?
Published On: September 24, 2023

Is tentacles in pointy hats better or worse than tentacles with potions? I mean like from a safety and security angle. To be frank, they both seem to pose certain risks. Though I have to admire the dedication to hat wearing in creatures that don’t, strictly speaking, have heads. It’s impressive!⁠

The tentacle pattern should be out early next week, so this seems like a good time to remind folks about my Community Supported Pattern program. I know not everyone has room in their budget for little indulgences right now, so I always make a handful of copies available for free when a pattern comes out. And I know some folks have a little extra room in their budget and want to help make more copies available, so there’s a way to make that happen too. All the details are on the Community Supported Pattern page, should you wish to know more!

And, as we’re firmly in ‘you can totally put a pointy hat on it and get away with it’ season, I will mention that the wee pointy hats are called Ensorcellment, and you can put them in all sorts of unlikely places.


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