Polite Society
Published On: September 25, 2023

The wee swirly bit of business from a few days ago? Yeah, it was lovely to see everyone speculating on it, but now I fear I may disappoint you when you learn what it really is.

I am knitting myself a pile of absolutely magnificent washcloths.

And I’ll be honest, my first inclination was to say absolutely nothing about the project. It somehow feels too…personal? private? intimate? to discuss online. I’m not quite sure actually, but it feels like the sort of thing that a respectable person should keep behind closed doors and not even hint at in polite society.

But that’s actually not how anything works. I’m pretty sure that each and every person reading this has a body, and that those bodies require care and attention and comfort.

And if a pretty washcloth makes it a tiny bit easier to provide that body with care on the days when showering sounds so damn hard? Well then that’s lovely.

And if having a pretty washcloth makes things even more pleasant on those days when you can put the time and energy into doing the full fancy shower protocol? Well then that’s lovely too.

Because having a body is tricky and managing it can be exhausting. But finding little ways to make caring for yourself pleasant can make things just a bit better.

For me, right now, that means fancy washcloths. A whole stack of them. And I bet not one of you will be at all scandalized.

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