Published On: October 5, 2023

Right, so I told you yesterday there were three versions of this. For I am not known for my restraint.

You’ve got the original, which is sort of secretly my favorite because it has big ‘shiny new folder at the start of the school year’ vibes and I am just super susceptible to new school supply magic. Then there’s one with a super deep pocket to keep stuff like stitch markers in. And then there’s a great big one for things like DPNs or interchangeable tips or hooks or whatever else your clever little soul desires.

And then of course there’s an option to add a knitted page to any of those (it’s just easier to show you the three different shapes without the knitted bit what with knitting being, you know, opaque and thus difficult to see through). Watch me wiggle them around on insta over here if you’re so inclined.

The pattern includes all three options, both with and without the the page. It’s called Binding, and it’s out now in all the usual places!

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