Deepest darkest
Published On: October 16, 2023

Last week, as I was looking for my bucket of eyes, I came across a hat. A completely finished hat (the hat’s actually off the needles, this was just a picture from way way way back on my camera’s memory card of it still on the needles). A completely finished hat that I’d left to molder in the deepest, darkest recesses of the bookshelf bins for goodness only knows how long.

Now, this hat will likely never see the light of day. The brioche pulls the fabric a bit too much, so it doesn’t fit terribly well or feel very nice on my head. So it’s probably destined to be ripped and reknit into something a bit more suitable.

My best guess is I wanted to block it to see if that made it fit better, but then didn’t block it because if I blocked it and it still didn’t fit, ripping it prepping the yarn to use it again would be even more of a hassle, and I was not up for more hassle. So I just tossed it in a bin and forgot about it.

But now…now it’s bubbled to the top of my consciousness. Or at least to the top of the bin. So I should probably do something about that. Because I see several ways I could fix it…and the yarn is awfully yummy…

Please tell me at least some of you have an equivalent project stewing in the back of the closet or the bottom of the knitting basket. I can’t be the only one.


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