Wanna help?
Published On: October 20, 2023

Everything feeling kinda overwhelming? Wanna stop doom scrolling & do something concrete? Any chance you’ve got a few cozy knits looking for a good home? If so, I have an idea!

Some lovely folks are collecting warm winter things to give to newly arrived asylum seekers and migrants. This is mostly an in person thing, but I reached out and asked if there was any chance they’d be willing to let some knitters maybe send a few things through the mail, and they were kind enough to say yes!

I’m putting together a little box of my own (somehow I find myself with So Many More Hats than I can possibly actually use myself), and I thought some of you might like to do the same. Because helping someone feel warm and welcome in their new home (and just possibly freeing up a little bit of closet space while I’m at it) sounds SO MUCH BETTER than staring into my phone and feeling terrible about the state of the world.

The address is Mariame Kaba, P.O. Box 1654, New York, NY 10159, and more info about the event is on the other pictures (graphics there borrowed from the organizers and used with permission) or over here. Please mail your package early enough that it will arrive by November 10, and please be sure to only send things you’d be happy to wear yourself (clean and in good repair).

But really…when everything feels dreadful (and oh, oh the world tends to feel dreadful a lot right now), sometimes finding One Tiny Thing to do can help more than you’d expect. And today, today that one tiny thing is sending a stranger a warm hat to make them feel welcome. It feels good, and I bet a few of you might enjoy it too!

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