Rather nifty
Published On: October 19, 2023

It occurs to me that I have not properly shown you the inside of these. And that’s a shame, for the inside is…rather nifty.⁠

It’s also quite different on the contrast color version (that’s the teal/gold one) than on the solid color version (that’s the blue/purple one). ⁠ And look, I knew the inside of the solid color one was pretty, so I expected the inside of the contrast color one to look cool too. But I did not expect THAT.⁠

And no, no I don’t like the inside better than the front. But I do like it a whole damn lot. A whole lot. Oodles. Bunches.⁠ And I suspect I am not alone! The pattern is over here, should you wish to try it out yourself.

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