Monthly Reminder
Published On: October 29, 2023

Here’s your monthly reminder that I am staunchly pro abortion. If you are too, I encourage you to speak up! Be loud about it! Make damn sure the people in your life know exactly how you feel.⁠

Because I guarantee there is someone in your life who needs someone safe to talk to about abortion. And if you can be that safe person, you should.⁠

About one in four people who can get pregnant will have an abortion at some point in their lives. You almost certainly know someone who has had one (or considered having one, or will have one in the future, or needs one right now). ⁠

But because so many people are so awful about it, it’s often scary or even dangerous to talk about. So if you make it clear that you you are pro abortion, that you will listen and not judge, that you can help, then all of a sudden you’re much safer to talk to.⁠

These posts are selfish. They were meant to make me feel a little less awful about the terrible things my country is doing. I thought I’d send some money to @aidaccess and help a few more folks know that they can get abortion pills through the mail (no matter where you live, even if you can’t pay for them, even in states with bans, even if you’re not pregnant right now).⁠

But I never expected to hear so many stories from people who just needed someone safe to talk to. And, while I will never ever ever share the details of those stories with anyone, I will say that they have been all been tremendously moving. I’m honored people shared them with me. It has been unexpectedly touching to be a safe person for people who need one.⁠

And it’s something all of you can do!⁠

Speak up. Put that pro abortion sticker on your lap top or your phone or your water bottle. Wear the snarky tshirt. Share the instagram post that tells folks how to get abortion pills. Advocate for good sex ed in your kids’ schools. Shout down your asshole uncle at the family reunion, and do it where your nieces and cousins can hear. Look for ways to make your position clear, and do it as loudly and as often as you can.⁠

Because someone in your life needs to hear it. Someone in your life needs a safe person. And you can be that safe person.

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