Published On: October 28, 2023

Shall we have a little shopping list for our penguin buddies? These are actually built on much the same structure as their friends the owls and foxes, so I am going to scandalously reuse my own earlier work and link to an old blog post where I ran down the owl innards in detail.

But the short version is I knit all my buddies with a fingering-weight yarn (just coincidentally, pretty much always Seven Sisters Arts because I swear my stash is like a quarter her stuff and I regret nothing) held double with a silk and mohair lace-weight yarn. I love that combo because the fuzzy feels just right for critters and because it makes for a slightly denser fabric (which helps the stuffing not show through the fabric without me having to knit super tight). The faces/bellies/wings are duplicate stitched with a double strand of more of that silk and mohair laceweight, and the beak is a couple stitches with something yellow and fluffy.

I filled my pals with plastic pellets (plus a giant plastic easter egg to take up some of the space and make it so I didn’t have to use quite so many pellets), both because I like the heft of them and they make it easier for our friends to stand up on their own. But you could absolutely just use wool or polyester stuffing if you prefer.

The eyes are glue in toy eyes I found online (and linked out to in the aforementioned post should you wish to track those specific ones down yourself).

The owl pattern is called Tufted and has been out for a while. The fox is called Foxed (but it’s not currently available…though the arrival of the penguin is making me think maybe I should fix that some day). And the penguin should be available in a few days!

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